Bitcoin broke $8,000 and the holder said it was less than $200,000!

The bitcoin market is crazy again.On Friday (November 17), yesterday we reported that payment app Square was launching bitcoin trading, with the stock price rising to a new high.Bitfinex’s offer was $8,040, a world record.

Analysts say the world’s largest exchange is approaching the formal trading of bitcoin futures, making the price of bitcoin higher again.Thursday is called “the Chicago mercantile exchange (CME) cheese maker group announced that from next Monday to currency futures testing, regulatory approval, is expected before the official end in its startup currency futures Globex electronic trading platform.

It is the largest and oldest futures exchange in the world.The plan and forecast came after a further rise in the dollar value of Bitstamp, a bitcoin trading platform.

In addition, the CME’s competitors, the largest U.S. options exchange (free) this year or early next year at the Chicago board options exchange began trading currency futures, also recently disclosed the related transactions of the specifications of the contract.The CBOE said it plans to conduct more than 22 hours of bitcoin futures trading on weekdays (just 15 solstice in New York time).Exchanges may offer weekly, monthly and quarterly contracts with fewer than 5,000 net traders.

Came to the last week, the CME plans to limit currency futures volatility in the day, the west’s financial futures market news, the Chicago mercantile exchange’s founder chairman Melamed reputation, expects the currency may be like gold and stock asset classes.Mr Melame said: “we will manage to make bitcoin not savage.“It will tame it and make it a universal trading tool with rules.”

It is worth mentioning that the bitcoin market is a boon.After plunging nearly 30 percent in the second half of last week, bitcoin appears to have recovered.

Global FX reported yesterday that the us mobile payment app Square allows some users to test new functional cash on their remittance applications: buy and sell bitcoins.In addition, some market participants still expect the Segwit2x hard drive to split.After a technical upgrade, SegWit2X was canceled on November 8th and the market consumed $38 billion in market value.

Spencer road Bogart (Spencer Bogart), research director at Block, Block Capital (Blockchain Capital) said in an E-mail: “my sense is that, the rally in currency was hard to Segwit2x bifurcate the revival of interest and motivation, although it has been cancelled and some hard to stick to predetermined bifurcate, result I think some of the money is transferred from other password assets to the currency, to ensure that they can receive COINS at both sides of the branch.

Foreign media: how hot is bitcoin?The holder of the coin will only sell for $200,000!

Measuring investor sentiment is often tricky for cryptocurrencies, because holders and holders lack available data.But the foreign media survey may help investors see how the market for bitcoin is in the wild.

In a November survey of about 564 americans who invested in bitcoins, U.S. consumer finance website LendEDU sought to better understand the current mood and future expectations of bitcoin investors.The study examined the long-term and short-term interests of some bitcoin investors.They found that the vast majority of investors plan to hold an encrypted currency for more than a year.

About 40 percent of investors said they would hold bitcoins for one to three years, and more than one in five planned to continue investing for four to six years.Meanwhile, 16 per cent of the respondents were pure speculators, or speculators who had been planning to hold less than a year, hoping to make a fortune during the boom and then leave.

So far, only a third of respondents have sold their bitcoins, and 67 percent have stuck to their positions after investing in bitcoins.

When asked about the price of bitcoin, the average investor’s survey showed that they were willing to sell for $196,165.78, about 30 times the current price.

About 40% of the currency investors say they buy COINS attracted by global change technology, more than one 5 of respondents said they like COINS, because they think it has long-term stored value, such as gold and silver.

Do you think it’s ok to sell now?

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